JOE: Floor Manager

Big Joe is a Drury St stalwart and has been with us a few years now. Well known and well liked, his enthusiasm and friendliness has made him a favourite with so many car park regulars over the years.

DEREK: Driver

Another long standing member of the Drury St Crew. A very resourceful and extremely valued member of the team, Derek has been known to park cars in spots heretofore not thought possible.just kidding!

KRISTIAN: Entry Supervisor

Has been with us now a couple of years, a friendly guy who is often the first point of contact for many of our customers.

GIANNI: Valet Service & Driver

Gianni is responsible for the car valeting service and also helps out the guys on the floor when needed.

REMUS: Driver

The ever reliable Remus rarely moans and just gets on with it, is always cheerful and is popular with the customers.


The Croftville property company LTD is located in Dublin 2 and is the parking services company responsible for the Drury Street Underground Car Park. The facility provides secure valet garaging at competitive rates and can also quote for your corporate or long term needs. please contact us for further information.

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